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  • Cedar Koons, MSW, LCSW

Just Born

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

This little one was just born a few moments ago. His hair is still wet from the primordial ocean. He is utterly helpless, utterly dependent upon others to protect him, feed him, keep him warm and dry. His whole life is one big unknown possibility. He doesn't even have a name yet.

This little guy is lucky. He was born into a family that is prepared to do whatever it takes to care for him. Even though they haven't held him yet they already love him entirely. In a day or two they will feel they have always known him. His arrival day will be celebrated every year. His personality will unfold into an environment of acceptance and love.

Not all of us are so lucky at birth. We came into life this same way, defenseless, needing total care. Maybe we experienced being loved and cared for by our parents, perhaps we did not. Yet somehow we survived. We're still here and our lives are still unknown and full of possibility. To me this says someone, somehow loves us. We are, each one of us, still a miracle.

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