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as C.R. Koons

Murder at Sleeping Tiger
Sheriff Ulysses Walker Series, Book One

Book one of the Sheriff Ulysses Walker series is a thrilling whodunit set at a retreat at Sleeping Tiger Zen Center. Meet Ulysses Walker, the young, Anglo Sheriff of Taos County and his friend Ray  Pando, War Chief of Picuris, and see how together they solve the shocking murders taking place during a record snowstorm at the retreat center and on nearby Picuris land in mountainous northern New Mexico.  


“As an avid mystery reader I have always liked settings in the American southwest. The Zen retreat in northern New Mexico was a perfect spot for the interesting cast of characters. I liked the mixture of cultures and conflicts in this intriguing mystery. I highly recommend this new series and look forward to the next book.” From Amazon Reviews

Cedar Koons, Murder at Sleeping Tiger

A Thirst for Murder
Sheriff Ulysses Walker Series, Book Two

Book Two of the Sheriff Ulysses Walker series, A Thirst for Murder, finds Ulysses Walker up for re-election. He and his friend, Ray Pando of Picuris Pueblo, become entangled in a water war as they try to solve a series of murders related to New Mexico’s convoluted water law and violent history. They face a hidden opponent who is well-funded and politically connected and who enjoys killing.

For a review by true crime writer and journalist Mark I. Pinsky

9781684921539-Cover_WEB (1).jpeg

New from Kelsay Books, February 2023!

Bourbon and Branch Water is a poetic memoir spanning Cedar’s life and times.  Full of sensual imagery, humor and good storytelling.

Cedar Koons, Poetry Bourbon and Branch Water
Cedar Koons, The Mindfulness Solution for Intense Emotions

Do you find that your emotions often cause problems for you, especially in your relationships?  Have people consistently told you you are too sensitive?  Do emotions interfere with your thinking?  Because of your emotions and emotional behavior do you ever wonder who you really are?  When you feel negative emotions are the sensations in your body so strong and unpleasant that sometimes you feel you would do anything to make the sensations go away--even hurt yourself? 
The Mindfulness Solution can help.

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