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Above the Clouds

Murder at Sleeping Tiger, by C.R. Koons

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Sleeping Tiger Zen Center is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a silent retreat when a three day snowstorm blows in trapping everyone on site at the remote monastery in Taos County, New Mexico. A murderer with multiple scores to settle is among the attendees.  Sheriff Ulysses Walker of Taos County, comes to investigate, with his friend, Picuris War Chief Ray Pando, and FBI  agent LizBeth Tallichet lends a hand. Walker, Pando and Tallichet will appear in two additional books in the series.


This book delves into one of my preoccupations: why are so many religious or spiritual teachers secret abusers? I wrote about this topic in the final chapter of my non-fiction book, The Mindfulness Solution for Intense Emotions.  Now I'm exploring it in fiction. I hope you will order a copy and enjoy a visit to the dark side of spirituality and religion!

Autographed by Cedar

Includes Shipping & Handling in the US


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