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  Knowing yourself is    the beginning of all      wisdom.  --Aristotle

Why would a mindfulness teacher who runs retreats write a book about murder at a mindfulness retreat?  I’ve attended more than thirty retreats and led or co-led about twenty.  Not one retreat has involved a murder or violence of any kind.  In fact, the peace and restorative silence I’ve experienced at retreats have brought me tremendous benefit.  Am I somehow trying to warm people away from retreats? No, definitely not.

Writers are told to write about what they know and I do know retreats. In my long involvement with mindfulness and mediation I’ve encountered many kind, sincere people, a few exploiters and at least one very scary person I wouldn’t want to encounter in a meditation room. So one day I just started writing and three years and countless submissions later Murder at Sleeping Tiger is published!

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Do you find that your emotions often cause problems for you, especially in your relationships?  Have people consistently told you you are too sensitive?  Do emotions interfere with your thinking?  Because of your emotions and emotional behavior do you ever wonder who you really are?  When you feel negative emotions are the sensations in your body so strong and unpleasant that sometimes you feel you would do anything to make the sensations go away--even hurt yourself? 
If you answered yes to many of these questions, or if you have a family member with this problem,
The Mindfulness Solution  can help.
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