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Headed Down Under

In a few hours I'll be making my way across the Pacific in a jumbo jet headed to Brisbane, Australia to spend some precious time with my teacher, Prem Rawat. I've made this journey many times before but I find myself as excited as if I were going for the first time. The setting is exquisite Queensland outback replete with wallabies, koalas and other wildlife, many highly entertaining birds, warm subtropical days and night skies thick with unfamiliar stars. The attendees, 4100 are expected, are from dozens of countries all over the world. We gather twice each day in the outdoor auditorium to hear Prem speak about peace and the gift of being alive. Attendees are also offered a chance to speak with him. The result is a very intimate exchange, like being in a giant living room together. It is impossible to put into words the overall effect of five days of this kind of company, but it is transforming beyond anything else I know. It puts me in touch with gratitude, joy, purpose and lasting inspiration. Even though it means spending 15 hours cramped in an airplane I wouldn't miss it for the world and I am grateful to have the means to go. You can hear some of Prem's talks if you look for him on youtube. Check it out. G'day!

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